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Inside Bigg Boss 13 home: Salman Khan’s series has museum because its subject, goes quirky and vibrant. See pics

Actor Salman Khan is set to start the 13th year of reality series Bigg Boss on Monday however, the first appearance of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 13 home is currently out. While the previous period was filmed at Lonavala, a brand new set was specifically constructed for this year at Film City at Mumbai.

Unlike last year’s Beach House, the manufacturers have built a Bigg Boss Museum. Photographs of the home can readily be described as quirky as the bright inside have additional components such as legs dangled in the atmosphere, kiss prints on walls painted in scrapbooking layouts, an upside-down chessboard and a whole lot more.

The door that divides the indoor place from the backyard was designed to a massive Bigg Boss pattern with chairs on either side. Contrary to the lively dining and bedroom room, the kitchen is relatively sober with cracked white walls. The living area features graffiti on the walls and origins could be seen hanging like a chandelier over the dining table.

Omung Kumar, who’s designed Bigg Boss 13 home, said in a statement, “I am tremendously excited to our contestants and audiences because we open the doors of the Bigg Boss Museum. We have very carefully crafted every wall with components that reflect contestants’ ideologies that exemplify the game and its principles. There is a wall using caricatures of different emotions that denote various colors of an individual as well as the characters they’ll play through their times of lock-in, trusting to become victorious. The home becomes a home for them and consequently, we’ve balanced quirky modules together with hush toned furniture and bright light which may also enhance moods and enhance the setup well.”

Leaked promos of this series affirm actors Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Sidharth Shukla’s involvement this year.