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Internet Summit 2019:’Godfather of All crypto’ hails new chat Program with privacy protection

Last updated on November 7, 2019

Now, he’s also the father of Elixxir, a highly effective privacy-protecting system that only released xx alpha –a special chatting program that prevents observers from creating the relationship between sender and recipient.

The program” shreds the metadata until it’s established, and that is something which no other program does,” Chaum informed Euronews at Internet Summit.

“Every messaging program on Earth makes it possible for the system supplier to understand who is speaking to whom when, and the NSA or China know who is talking to whom, it’s exactly what Edward Snowden told us around.”

Earlier this week in the Internet Summit, Snowden, a former NSA analyst, talked through a live connection from Russia and enticed organizations like facebook and the NSA of participating abuse, “we’ve legalised, the misuse of the individual during the personal. We’ve entrenched a system which makes the population vulnerable”

Chatting and obligations
Following its installation, XX alpha will even incorporate payment as a result of Praxis, a brand new digital money supported with a quantum-resistant blockchain. The blend of payment plus chat provides”a replacement product for the likes of WeChat”, Chaum guarantees, “in order words, so your mom will have the ability to say: ” I hate those guys, they have been spying on me without my consent, they have been monetizing my information, without my consent, they have ruined our democracy, they have put a lot of dissidents and others in prison or even worse… and I am sick of this, I only wish to send messages so I will simply switch over to Elixxir, why not?’

Chaum is certain that XX alpha messenger will be adopted because it gives unprecedented user solitude.

Chaum states Tor, the applications that permit anonymous communication,” is futile to guard your data because when you research the network traffic it entirely reveals who is speaking to whom and when”.

“Just our system may offer shredding in real-time of their metadata of whom interacts with whom. Also, it supplies end-to-end encryption but that is the simple part everybody can do,” he added.

Chaum believes that the migration towards XX alpha will be a natural behavior” like when everybody moved from AOL to MySpace.” The background of social websites has had platforms left for brand new ones with increased usefulness, he considers.

“There is not any business model that will work for them [corporations], since we are not spying on anybody, we reread the information and there is no way they could offer this type of solitude since they are’sitting ducks’ for authorities who will induce them to give each of the keys, like it happened with Facebook.”

‘Facebook’s Libra Isn’t a crypto’

Facebook’s Libra job isn’t something that he believes contest. “Libra isn’t a crypto, it’s a corporate elite back-system, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the likes of bitcoin which rocked the world since it had been dispersed in a way that couldn’t be controlled by authorities. That is what about blockchain, that is what we have and that they do not”.

“Our quantum resisting currency will be a lot more interesting to the public than a lot of the same.”

Lately, he states, “a subprime lender admitted to laundering I believe hundreds of billions of dollars”

He believes these disagreements will become increasingly more evident to the general public.