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IOM Reacts to Euronews’ investigation to the EU-IOM Joint Initiative

IOM welcomes fascination with the subject of migration and its operations and supports efforts to enhance conditions and services for migrants and vulnerable individuals through constructive talks and objective tests.

Regardless of IOM’s helping this particular investigation, Euronews has generated a one-sided report of the realities of this Joint Initiative, normally and Voluntary Humanitarian Yield assist along with the intricacies of humanitarian responses in Libya, Eritrea and Nigeria especially.

The show dismisses the operational challenges and unpleasant realities on the ground faced by migrants and IOM personnel functioning in multiple explosive settings to relieve the anguish of those arrested, forcibly displaced and stranded, in a time when the identical vulnerable men and women confront mounting xenophobia, misinformation and sometimes violence.

Specific Concerns:

  1. Euronews indicates the”Joint Initiative” is a one-sided or Euro-centric strategy, ignoring the fundamental role played by the African Union member countries, people and associations in Africa who formed the development of those efforts over the previous 3 decades.

In Reality, the Joint Initiative stems in the Africa-EU responsibilities under the Valletta Declaration and Action Plan and depends upon columns of security, individual rights, and health. IOM’s participation relies on powerful tri-lateral collaboration between the Organization, its European and African Member States, along with the EU.

Every action this venture takes is completely coordinated and agreed upon by governments within our African member countries and attempts to respond to their migration government priorities and requirements. Agreements are concluded with over 130 local partners to give reintegration support.

IOM has been operating in Libya because of 2006. Back in April 2017, it had been IOM that revealed the presence of slave markets in Libya in which migrants coming to the country, fleeing poverty and battle have been being traded like commodities. In November of the year, CNN reported about precisely the same issue, documenting shocking and disgusting human rights violations.

As a consequence of this disclosure, the EU and the African Union requested IOM to scale its voluntary diplomatic yield aid, among other programs targeting vulnerable individuals in Libya, to address their right of return – the principle under international law which guarantees a person’s right to reevaluate or willingly return to their country of origin — supply emergency and lifesaving help, and stop the additional misuse and suffering of migrants stranded or arrested in Libya.

Since that time, over 50,000 individuals were safely returned home.

  1. The premise that this initiative may or goals in resolving the root causes of migration or functions as a hindrance for migrants trying to reach Europe doesn’t only go beyond goals characterized by spouses involved but is only unfounded.

Its operational focus is about saving lives, protecting the most vulnerable, easing access to crucial consular services, and enhancing conditions for migrants across the migration paths.

Euronews didn’t record that between 2016 and Dec 2019, near 29,000 people are rescued and most would have probably died in the desert or drowned with no crucial Joint Initiative surgeries.

Voluntary Humanitarian Return (VHR) in Libya, is a direct and necessary reside saving alternative for thousands of individuals both inside and out of detention facilities. It’s not the remedy to systemic migration difficulties and migrant exploitation or abuse in the country or across the migration paths towards Libya and Europe. To discount this life-saving coverage in a headline as”Paying for Migrants to Move Back Home”, underscores the significance of diplomatic attempts to relieve the distress and privation of thousands of migrants in Libya.

  1. Euronews gifts as fact an episode during which many Eritrean guys changed their minds regarding their voluntary return once they arrived in the airport and also”were bundled on the airplane in the perspective of UN staff” IOM is aware of the episode and against the Euronews accounts, not one of those six migrants who altered their heads boarded the airplane, and to imply otherwise is untrue.

Equipped with an increasingly decreased coverage area, restrictive migration policies, and also a lack of legal pathways, VHR is a direct and necessary reside saving alternative for thousands of individuals both inside and out of detention facilities. Without it, over 50,000 individuals who’ve returned home would rather continue to be vulnerable to gross human rights violations, manipulation, misuse, and in some specific instances death in Libya. Denying them this vital lifeline is to compound their distress and deceive them of the basic right of recurrence.

• The Lack of bodily or emotional coercion, intimidation or manipulation;

• The provision of timely, unbiased and reliable data conveyed in a format and language That’s understood and accessible;

• adequate time to think about other available choices and to prepare oneself for the yield;

• The potential for withdrawing or reconsidering one’s permission if the planned actions, conditions, or accessible information change.

  1. The announcement that”Two-thirds of all migrants do not finish the reintegration programs”

Is a misrepresentation of truth Euronews has been supplied, as most returnees continue to participate in the reintegration process and haven’t completed it.

Reintegration is a complicated, time-consuming procedure that looks at the requirements of their person returnees in addition to their communities. It intends to tackle returnees’ economic, social and psychosocial needs and increase the addition of communities of recurrence in reintegration preparation and encourage whenever possible. In no manner is reintegration help trying to stop new migration, it instead enables migrants to produce migration-related decisions an issue of choice, instead of necessity.

That requires strong direction from the federal government in countries of origin in addition to active donations at all levels of society.

The time necessary to finish the reintegration procedure is influenced by multiple factors including a readjustment period and rehab procedure which involves time to tackle health issues, evaluate business opportunities to make sure their endurance, arrange and finish training, and secure in-kind substances in an orderly and responsible method.

IOM is ongoing to handle delays that happened in the months following the joint AU-EU-UN Taskforce asked IOM’s help to quicken returns in the aftermath of the reporting regarding servant markets in Libya. This humanitarian surge overwhelmed the capability of IOM and neighborhood institutions to consume and process returnees developing a substantial backlog in a time when talks with authorities in countries of return just started.

Despite this and many other operational challenges, comments based on over 27,000 returnee internal polls across the Sahel area, Lake Chad, Horn of Africa, and North Africa regions showed 74 percent were happy with their reintegration support, 94 percent think their decision to come back was the right one. On average 60 percent reported that they are now working, a good effect given the areas’ challenging economic surroundings.

  1. In querying the voluntary nature of a return to Eritrea, Euronews creates the assertion that a”current” inquiry from the UN discovered that”returnees are ill-treated into the verge of torture during the interrogation stage” by local governments.

This is a deliberate distortion of reality.

IOM admits its restricted accessibility and presence in Eritrea and follows rigorous protocols for its return to Eritreans who hunt IOM’s VHR aid. This lengthy procedure, including thorough joint counseling sessions with UNHCR, is based on the business’s approach to security as well as the basic individual right of return.


IOM cooperated with Ms. Alpes and agreed to review the draft paper before publication however this can’t be translated as the Organization’s endorsement of her strategy or decisions.

IOM wasn’t requested to comment on the report before Euronews publishing its details and consequently had no chance to exhibit our severe misgivings.

The report continues: “Meanwhile, a Harvard research on Nigerian returnees from Libya quotes that 61.3percent of the respondents weren’t working after their return, along with also an extra 16.8% just worked for a brief period, long enough to create a steady source of revenue. Upon entrance, the great majority of returnees, 98.3 percent, weren’t in any kind of routine schooling.”

There’s not any doubt the returnees, especially those coming before July 2018 when the analysis was conducted, confronted very hard circumstances in Nigeria in a part because of this’spike’ of yields after the CNN reporting nine months before.

Overlooked in the coverage is this”pilot study” was commissioned by IOM because of concerns about the shortage of information regarding the”many struggles returnees face post-return”. Its focus was solely on returnees between the ages of 17-24, along with the investigators imply it isn’t representative of youth returnees or the”whole returning inhabitants” since Euronews claims.

IOM asserts the job of notifying the people is one that needs to be managed with fantastic responsibility and is dedicated to values of cooperation and transparency with the media. No business is ideal, however, IOM, operating in conflict-torn Libya and around West and Central Africa has its boots on the ground where it matters.

Despite hard circumstances, our employees work tirelessly on behalf of migrants, their authorities, and the European Union to handle what has become an extremely disorderly situation that has cost many lives and noticed innumerable vulnerable migrants mistreated and exploited, details which were sadly disregarded from the Euronews reporting.