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IOS 13 security defect found before official release

Last updated on September 14, 2019

Ahead of iOS 13 secure rollout, a security researcher has discovered a security defect. This allows just anybody to skip the lock display and access a iPhone.

Launched by Jose Rodriguez, this security defect allows one to get information from contacts such as email addresses, telephone numbers, and speeches, The Verge documented. It operates by creating a FaceTime telephone and utilizing Siri’s voiceover attribute to get the contact list on the iPhone. Exploiting this security defect also requires you to utilize the iPhone as remote access isn’t feasible.

The report further claims that Apple was advised of the security defect by Rodriguez in July but its own fix will not be available until the end of the month. It is going to rather release the repair with iOS 13.1 that is accessible on September 30. IOS 13.1 beta variant seems to get the fix for this security defect.

Apple has had comparable problems from the past going back into the iPhone 6 string . Hackers can exploit a lockscreen skip that gave access to not just contacts but photographs on the iPhone too. By these means, hackers could skip even the passcode and Touch ID to enter iPhones.

Something much more similar occurred with iOS 12.1 in which a lockscreen jump involved a FaceTime phone to find access to contacts.

The newest iOS version will include features like dark style, updated Maps program and enhanced safety features.