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Iran Optimistic of avoiding conflict with US over Venezuela-bound Petroleum tankers

Iran is optimistic the US won’t resort to military actions over it sending oil to Venezuela, the country’s ambassador to the EU informed Euronews.

Five tankers of gas are on their way out of Tehran to Caracas to ease deep shortages.

However, this has angered the US — that has sanctions imposed on the two countries — and Washington is allegedly contemplating redirecting warships currently in the Caribbean to face the problem.

“We’re optimistic that nothing could occur there,” explained Gholam-Hossein Dehghani, Iran’s ambassador to Brussels, addressing the likelihood that the US could try to block the petroleum tankers.

“It is entirely out of any anticipation that battle will be initiated by Iran there, with an oil tanker.

“However, as I said, if they resort to some military actions Iran has proven that constantly its reply is proportional.”

Dehghani also discussed Iran’s relationship with the US because it pulled from the 2015 atomic bargain and also the EU’s role in compelling multilateralism. You may listen to a lot of this interview in the movie, above.