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Iran warns it Might use’force’ to Stop travel amid coronavirus

Iran said Friday the new coronavirus has murdered 124 individuals amid 4,747 confirmed instances from the Islamic Republic since the government warned they might use”force” to restrict traveling between cities.

Health Ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour provided the figures in a news conference. He didn’t elaborate on the threat to use force, though he confessed that the virus was in all Iran’s 31 states.

The threat is to prevent individuals from using schools and universities as an excuse to visit the Caspian Sea and other European holiday spots. Semiofficial news bureaus in Iran posted pictures of long lines of visitors of people hoping to get to the Caspian shore from Tehran on Friday despite government earlier telling individuals to stay in their cities.

Iran on Thursday announced it would place checkpoints set up to restrict travel between major towns, hoping to stem the spread of this virus.

Elsewhere in the area, Iraq canceled Friday Truth in Karbala, in which a weekly sermon is delivered on behalf of the nation’s top Shiite cleric. Police in the United Arab Emirates meanwhile restricted prayers to 2 verses of the Quran so that they continued no more than 10 minutes, over worries regarding the virus.

Over 4,990 instances of this virus, which causes the disease COVID-19, have now been verified over the Middle East.

Back in Tehran, firefighters sprayed disinfectant within an 18-kilometer (11-mile) span of Tehran’s famous Valiasr Avenue, several fire trucks and many others walking along its sidewalks, including spraying ATMs and storefronts.

“It’d be fantastic if they did it daily,” supermarket owner Reza Razaienejad mentioned following the firefighters sprayed out his store. “It shouldn’t be only a one-time thing and needs to be carried out frequently, particularly in areas like here where motion and traffic occurs a lot”

However, Iran provided some hope also.