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Iranian-Israeli play Investigates human Relations in Deadly

An Israeli and an undercover, performing side by side at a drama about war.

“Once you begin to function as somebody with Iranian background and somebody with an Israeli history you realize there are many points of the relationship, so many ways we could proceed on a humanistic and artistic level,” states Sahand.

“They have so much in common in a manner that separation is artificial beneath there’s a field of relationship that’s very very wealthy,” echoes Raphael.

However, it begs the question if the pair intend to do it in the Middle East?

“We all dreamed of this day which we can additionally perform in Iran that’s the fantasy we could even perform there, on the other hand, I believe if we reach the scene where we could even function in Iran it usually means there is peace then nobody wishes to view our bits anymore,” answers Sahand. “It could be a tragedy for us,” adds Raphael, laughing.

The narrative focuses on why men go to war, and also the way and even if the girls in their own lives may stop them. So can civilization cure the wounds made by battle?

“I don’t think art can prevent wars on this level. .but it does not something else that from my standpoint it leaves very little light onto, so we never enter the complete darkness,” reflects Sahand.

Although the play can hold a request for peace, it’s also thought to be a catalyst for generating emotional connections.

“In Hebrew, there’s an extremely amazing statement such as in Jewish civilization that is: you alter one soul you’ve changed the whole world… Consistently when I walked into the theatre is for shift but it’s not that sort today I’m going to change the world’ it is more like’could I hit you?'”