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Ireland Requires menthol cigarettes and rolling tobacco Beginning May 20

Additionally contained in the ban are click double cigarettes that vary from ordinary to menthol.

Branding outlawed too

He affirms the ban since he states menthols make beginning smoking simpler.

“There has been a great study that shows that young men and women are introduced into smoking frequently by menthol cigarettes since they find them attractive they find them irritative and they find them more palatable, and so that is a way they have introduced to smoking. Also, the cigarette firms now have targeted women with all these goods so that we strongly feel they ought to be prohibited and welcome the government’s choice to carry this legislation forward,” he states.

Branding also was outlawed, and tobacco goods can only be marketed in plain packaging with prominent health warnings,

The European Commission says it expects the laws will lower the number of smokers across the EU by 2.4 million.

However, some smokers, such as David Mahon who cigarettes menthol and regular smokes, fear that the menthol ban may have the opposite impact.

“I smoke menthol sometimes as I say and it is…for me, should I smoke menthol I smoke fewer cigarettes just because it leaves a taste in your mouth and for me isn’t conducive with a meal, or even a coffee, or coke or anything, whereas a standard cigarette is. So for me, the flavor of menthol is…for me it suppresses my smoking slows down it,” he states.

Menthol cigarettes are flavored with chemical menthol, a chemical that triggers cold-sensitive nerves with no true drop in temperatures.

Some research also indicates that menthols can boost nicotine levels from the blood, which makes them more addictive and harder to stop than ordinary cigarettes.

“There is also evidence there that in case you smoke menthol smokes it is more difficult to stop so possibly they are more addictive and there’s pharmacological evidence of this since it appears that menthol affects cigarette levels, reduces the breakdown and impacts the receptors in the mind so raising the degree of nicotine,” she states.

“So possibly they are even more addictive. And of course, they’ve all of the carcinogens because non-menthol smokers have so they cause cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, and emphysema so that they’re not safer than non-menthol smokes”

Ban could promote smuggling Enterprise

John Mallon, spokesman for Forest Éireann that’s mostly financed by the tobacco industry and also attempts against tobacco control action states the ban on menthols will promote cigarette smugglers and is unsuccessful at reducing smoking.

“In case a menthol smoker can’t get menthol smokes the likelihood is they will just buy normal cigarettes, nevertheless preferring if they can get menthol, but needless to say the major bonanza — the major winner in this — would be the smugglers – since they will bring from the menthol and they will be the only location you’ll be able to buy them…you can buy menthol smokes,” he states.

“They will be half the cost if you purchase in boxes of 2 hundred so that the cigarette smoker who favors menthol will likely wind up purchasing in two-hundreds and smoking much more. It is negative, it is not proactive, it isn’t positive. It is negative, dumb and unnecessary. That might be our perspective of it”

Mahon agrees the menthol ban is not likely to curb smoking.

“Fewer and fewer people in Europe are smoking that is great but there are those that are deciding to smoke. And I don’t feel that it makes any distinction between if it is a double…a pick double menthol cigarette or a standard cigarette. It is the nicotine strike you need and it is the enjoyment of this moment when you are smoking it which you need whether you are out a bar, in a patio, coffee shop…easy as. We are people.”

Despite progress in reducing levels of smoking in Ireland in the last few decades, it is still one of the best public health issues.

As stated by the Health Service Executive (HSE), almost 6,000 people die annually from the consequences of smoking, with tens of thousands more suffering from smoking-related ailments.