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Ireland votes: Irish election day in Films

Irish voters were electing a new parliament on Saturday at a poll which may be bad news to both parties which have dominated the nation’s politics for a century, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.

Polls reveal a surprise spike for Sinn Fein, the party linked to the Irish Republican Army and its violent battle for a united Ireland.

Before obtaining the results, here’s an assortment of the best photos from this retirement day.

Ireland’s Prime Minister and chief of the Fine Gael party, Leo Varadkar attempts to throw his vote in a polling station in Castleknock, Dublin.

Members of the public arrive to cast their votes in St Anthony’s boys college in Ballinlough, Cork.

Leader of Ireland’s Fianna Fail party, Michael Martin (R) and his wife Mary (L) kiss because they pose for a picture after a graduate at St Anthony’s boys college at Ballinlough, Cork.

A part of the people fills their ballot paper in a stall at a Polling Station in Dublin.