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Is Christopher Nolan’s Tenet a Key sequel to Inception? Fan concept offers clues

Several enthusiast theories that shot up following the launch of the next trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, seem to imply that the movie is a key sequel his 2010 blockbuster,” Inception. Fans have chosen to Reddit to provide their takes on the topic, and shared what they think to be incontrovertible evidence.

“Is Nolan not supplying another view into Inception’s world and the variety of literary instruments used to do espionage therein? Several folks pointed out that a scene to the end of the trailer, where Robert Pattinson and John David Washington have a dialogue, is the same limbo town from Inception.

Others noted the fundamental time-bending conceit of this movie — called’inversion’ — seems as if it belongs in precisely the same world as Inception. “I like Pattinson at the role he appears similar to Tom Hardy out of Inception,” one man wrote on Reddit. Not that I am whining,” wrote another. 1 fan joked that’Insemination’ is the next portion of the trilogy.

Fans also have theorized that Michael Caine could be reprising his character in Inception, which Himesh Patel could be playing a variation of this character who had been played by Dileep Rao from the 2010 movie.

Tenet was slated for a July 17 launch in theaters, but that seems unlikely due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic. The trailer did, but assert that the movie would be published’ just in cinemas’, setting to bed ideas which it was led to streaming. Nolan has long been a winner of this large screen experience, also has taken Tenet on a combination of large-format movies, including IMAX.

A recent Deadline post claimed, “We hear that Tenet, that is finished, is as amazing as Inception.”