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Is Romania’s presidential elections a race for second location?

Before this election, the brand-new Government of Prime Minister Ludovic Orban endured a confidence vote. But, uncertainty appears set to last.

One of the political conflicts, the figure of this present president Klaus Iohannis stands outside.

Polls provide him around 45 percent of their votes.

Ioannis began his political career in 1990, but it wasn’t till 2009 he seemed on the national politics. In 2014 he had been chosen president.

He’s among the primary supporters of this tactical alliance with the US, also for several Romanians, he symbolizes a different sort of politics.

When there’s a second round of voting, three candidates may challenge Ioannis.

One is celebrity Mircea Diaconu, running as a different and seeking to entice a more conventional electorate. The latest surveys have predicted that he a 15 percent share of their votes.

Even though traditionally a political power, the PSD’s popularity has slumped in the past few decades.

This wouldn’t be problematic for Dan Barna, third or fourth from the polls, as his supporter base overlaps Ioannis – equally speech largely the anti-PSD electorate.