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Israel: Jewish-Arab protest against plans to annex Portions of West Bank

Thousands of protesters at Tel Aviv staged a Concerted Jewish-Arab rally Saturday from the Israeli government’s plans to annex portions of the occupied West Bank.

Palestinians need the West Bank since the heartland of the upcoming nation and see annexation because of the death knell for their hopes for statehood.

Protesters also demonstrated against what they view as excessive violence by Israeli authorities against Palestinians and drew a line between violence by authorities in the united states and from Israeli forces – demonstrating solidarity for global protests after the passing of George Floyd at Minnesota.

“Brutal force has been discriminated against innocent people around the world and there is not much difference between what is happening in Minneapolis and what is happening in Jerusalem,” said protester Micah Kaminer.

Protesters held signs revealing Iyad Halak, an undercover Palestinian with disabilities that had been murdered last week by Israeli police officers following a pursuit in Jerusalem’s Old City. Additional signs read”Palestinian Lives Issue”

Even though protesters wore masks, social distancing measures weren’t rigorously preserved as some demonstrators formed little groups.

Police had originally sought to obstruct the rally, citing worries of holding parties throughout the pandemic, even though the nation has witnessed a lot of demonstrations since the epidemic started.

They afterward permitted the demonstration to happen.