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Italian mayor Asserts the true death toll from COVID-19 Inclined to be much higher

The Italian military has been called to assist transport the deceased from associations in the northern city of Bergamo into crematoriums in neighboring cities and towns.

Local funeral homes are overwhelmed with the amount of deaths from Covid-19. The army vehicles bearing the coffins are a terrifying testament to the death toll caused by the virus, and also the city’s mayor believes the numbers might have been underestimated.

“There is a really wide gap, and this will be verified by the real experience of numerous families that have older men and women that are perishing either in-home or in hospices,” clarified Giorgio Gori.

“There’s a noticeable amount of individuals that are dying as a result of a virus. I state this because the most important cause of death is pneumonia, and a few are unaccounted for, and are enrolled as victims of this virus, since nobody analyzed these older people either before or after their departure.”

Rather, rigorous containment measures were extended to Bergamo just on 8 March, fourteen days later, without isolating two valley cities where the epidemic was initially listed.

To be able to include the contagion, Gori is farther asking the Lombardy area and the federal government to close down more non-essential factories so to further restrict the motion of their workers.

The mayor can be issuing tougher steps to restrict and people collecting and recently prohibited the usage of slot machines within tobacconist shops and arranged to close down the regional public Wi-Fi areas where net users flocked to utilize the free connection.

Additionally, police are supporting an initiative to phone more physicians to come and assist their colleagues at the regional hospitals.

Bergamo’s most important hospital was stretched because of a high number of individuals, with both healthcare employees along with the intensive care section trying hard to cope.