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Italian Physician dies of coronavirus after working with No gloves Because of Lack

Last updated on March 19, 2020

Marcello Natali was hospitalized in Cremona before being moved to Milan after creating dual pneumonia. In one of the final interviews he gave was analyzed for COVID-19he advised Euronews he had had to operate without gloves: “They’ve completed,” he explained.

Also, he stated that in Codogno along with a nearby city, Casale, 14 from 35 physicians were at quarantine or hospitalized on February 28.

“We were not ready for coronavirus: as physicians of this post-antibiotic age, we grew up believing a pill against that which was sufficient,” he explained.

“it is a war,” he explained.

“The situation hasn’t gotten improved since the end of February. We obtained a few mask, some gloves apparel, nothing else. A mask which should continue half-a-day, here continues a week”

“We practice a good deal on the telephone, when you can, to avoid the spread of this virus and becoming connected with asymptomatic Men and Women who carry the virus”

Italy declared a list daily death toll of 475 on Wednesday, bringing the amount of dead from the nation to 2,978, together with nearly 36,000 confirmed instances.

Many European nations have struggled to find sufficient gloves, medical masks and things like hand sanitizer in stories as the requirement is evidenced by fear buying.