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Japan issues arrest warrants for ex-U.S. soldier, others for Ghosn escape

Japanese police Thursday issued arrest warrants for a former U.S. special forces soldier and two other guys on suspicion of smuggling former Nissan Motor Co-manager Carlos Ghosn from Japan.

Ghosn fled to Lebanon, his childhood house, in the conclusion of this past year, while he was awaiting trial on behalf of under-reporting earnings, breach of confidence and misappropriation of company funds, all which he denies.

The arrest warrants come days after prosecutors hunted the Tokyo office of Ghosn’s previous attorney.

Lebanon and Japan have approximately 40 days to choose whether Ghosn is going to likely be extradited to Japan or stand trial at Lebanon, Reuters reported weekly.

Both countries don’t have an extradition treaty and Lebanon doesn’t normally hand on its nationals. Ghosn’s legal group is expecting to maintain the trial from Lebanon, in which the former auto executive has profound ties and hopes to clear his name.

Ghosn has struck at what he’s called Japan’s unfair judicial system and stated the alternate to fleeing would have been to devote the remainder of his life span in Tokyo without a reasonable trial.