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Jersey Shore’ Twist Is’Scared for Ron’s Well-Being’ Following Jen Harley Makes New Claims

Keeping secrets! Is not just telling them the facts about his sobriety — based on Jen Harley.

Shares the texts she obtained by Jen that asserted Ronnie, 33, went to Cabo, went MIA and obstructed her, which had been a different story than he advised his roommates.

“I’m frightened for Ron’s well-being and I wish to learn what the f–k is going on,” Angelina, 33, states in her confessional, describing why she shared with the texts. “Let us figure out how to repair this child because he isn’t all right.”

After studying the texts, Deena, 32, has queries. “Is he not quite sober?” She asked the women. “Is this an act?”

Meanwhile, Jenni, 33, is not certain just how involved to get from the situation due to what happened last time while the team was in vegas. When she attempted to talk to Ronnie about Jen, it turned into a crying game. Everybody is also concerned since Ronnie simply got out of rehab.

Us Weekly broke the news in February which Ronnie had spent a month at a Florida treatment center for depression and alcohol misuse. At the moment, the fact superstar told Us he wished to become a better dad for his currently 17-month daughter, Ariana Sky, that he shares Jen.

Ronnie opened to his roommates about his choice to seek help through the August 29 incident. “I had it. Too much so –t had been moving on,” the prior Famously Single said in the moment. “I had been inside and that I could not see. … It required some time to reset. I needed to do exactly what I needed to do to myself, for your infant. We all know the choices I was making weren’t the decisions a dad should create.”

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