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Jill Biden says Trump does one bully also ‘afraid’ to run against her husband

“Look at what the president did this week using this 16-year-old woman, Greta. You can not attack children. That is the most important thing. “The Bidens happens to be center stage of impeachment proceeding contrary to Trump, who asked that the Volodymyr Zelenskiy to research the former vice president and his son Hunter and a debunked notion regarding the 2016 election. The government placed a grip on military funds to Ukraine that was accepted by Congress at approximately the same time. Hunter Biden served to the board of a Ukrainian energy firm by 2014 to 2019 and Trump has claimed, free of proof, the former vice president used his office to advance his son’s business interests. “We knew that it was going to be difficult. Our family knew it was going to be demanding, but we might not have imagined it would become Donald Trump… requesting a foreign government to become involved in our elections,” Jill Biden said Saturday. “And I think it only proves he is afraid to run contrary to my husband, Joe Biden. “Joe Biden, who recently turned 77, could be 78 and around three months when he had been elected and took office in January 2021. Jill Biden ignored reports that her husband could consider serving only 1 term. “He’s a great deal of energy,” she explained. “Most of this time that I must say to him in the morning such as,’Joe, simply wait till I’ve got my coffee till you begin with this idea or that thought’ “President Trump is currently 73.