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Jill Biden’s message to Donald Trump: ‘Stop it. My husband is about to conquer’

My husband is about to conquer you.”

In an exclusive interview with NBC News Monday,” Biden said the efforts from the president and his Democratic allies to lure extended family into the effort will backfire. But she acknowledged that the strikes have gone beyond what she anticipated.

“The simple fact he assaulted my son, I have not seen that in different elections, which they go after kids of the offender,” she explained. “He is only trying to divert the voters. You know exactly what Donald Trump did was incorrect, self-evident. Asking a foreign leader and requesting them and holding back overseas aid unless he researched my husband, my child that is merely self-evident and that I believe the American men and women see that, I believe that the folks in Congress see that and they are likely to stand him up.”

Her remarks came within her first lengthy solo nationwide interview of this effort, as she cried to her husband in this must-win nation for its former president.

By her admission, Jill Biden was”not a natural as a political partner,'” composing in her memoir published earlier this season that she”chosen to remain in the history” early in Joe Biden’s political career and even more so if the national spotlight turned to them in 2008.

However, there’s been a noticeable shift in her campaign path functionality as she shares personal stories about her husband, unexpected even him in an event in New Hampshire Friday by speaking about his family upbringing. She has also revealed that a feistier side.

“I despise bullies,” she explained. “Nothing makes me happier than watching somebody abuse their ability to make others feel small.”

On Monday, Jill Biden would not go so far as to state Trump was a bully but made it obvious she views him.

“And that is why I think folks want to get the qualities in a leader — they need a strong leader, they need a resilient leader,” she explained.

But current and former Jill Biden staffers loosely describe her as”a real man” in another context, imagining both her reticence toward conventional politics, her sometimes rebellious and subversive sense of humor along with her enthusiasm for Philadelphia sports along with her livelihood.

Like her husband, occasionally that realness may backfire. She raised eyebrows this summer when she told an audience of Democratic and independent voters in New Hampshire which they may need to”swallow somewhat” and encourage her husband if they may prefer a different candidate improved.

Biden said Monday that remark was misconstrued, as she talked especially to an audience that had shared with her that they were encouraging. But she did state electability was critical.

“I believe that the attractiveness of the political strategy is that anyone can get into the run for president but I believe Joe is the best qualified. I believe he is prepared on day one. He is steady, he will be a continuous commander-in-chief. And he understands the occupation, he has experience, he is prepared on day one,” she explained.

Biden downplayed her role as an advisor to her husband, however, she made it obvious she’d continue to urge about the issues important to her, particularly veterans and education.

She chose that summer to keep her teaching career as she also expected to step her up to the campaign trail. She’ll face another choice again shortly about whether to continue in the spring session, as voters will be discovering the nominee from primaries and caucuses throughout the nation.

Back in 2009, she became the primary Second Lady to keep her professional job to the White House. What Biden isn’t yet clear about is if she can do the same in case her husband returns there as president.

“How good would this be? Would not that lift the profession and observe who they are? It could be my honor,” she explained.

Biden says her period on the campaign trail has affected her in ways she did not expect. In her book, she explains fighting her religion following Beau Biden’s departure, the way that it brought her husband closer into the church pushed her off. But during a trip along with her husband into a South Carolina church, she discovered surprising comfort in the adventure.

“I believe so many individuals have prayed to me which I want to return this, that kindness to other people too.

However, Biden added that she thinks about Beau daily, such as how this effort could have been different if he’d beaten cancer.

“You understand Beau was involved with the procedure, he wanted his father to become president,” she explained. “I thought maybe this might have been Beau’s campaign”