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Joaquin Phoenix walks from Joker interview after being Requested Contentious question

Last updated on September 26, 2019

Hollywood celebrity Joaquin Phoenix walked from a meeting after he had been asked if a number of the topics of Joker will promote violence.

Collin requested Phoenix when he concerns Joker could”perversely wind up inspiring precisely the type of people it is around, with potentially tragic consequences.” Why do you…? No, no,” and stood up and walked from this meeting.

According to The Telegraph, the celebrity spent about one hour talking with a Warner Bros press broker before returning to finish the interview.

Phoenix told Collin he panicked because he didn’t look at the question. At a New York Times profile Phoenix earlier this month, director Todd Phillips also talked about how the celebrity would walk from this set at the center of a spectacle.

Phillips told NYT the 44-year-old celebrity”lost his composure on the group, occasionally to the bafflement of his co-stars.”

“In the center of the scene, he will walk off and walk outside. Along with the bad other celebrity thinks it is them and it wasn’t them it was always him, and he was not feeling it,” Phillips stated. The movie is generating Oscar buzz for Phoenix, also will be published in India on October 4.