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Joe Biden Needs Donald Trump Launch transcript of Telephone in whistleblower case

Joe Biden on Friday required Donald Trump launch the transcript of a telephone where the US president allegedly forced his Democratic counterpart for political profit, an act that the Democratic presidential hopeful denounced as”corruption.”

Trump”should promptly release the transcript of this telephone in the query so that the American people can judge for themselves,” Biden said, and instruct the director of national intelligence to”prevent stonewalling” and release to Congress the chief complaint concerning the telephone filed by a whistleblower.

Trump spoke by telephone with Ukraine’s new President Volodymyr Zelensky about July 25, and a telephone US media stated showcased Trump trying to redesign his counterpart to launch an investigation of Biden’s son to dig up data that could harm Biden’s 2020 presidential bidding.

“Such straightforward corruption harms and reduces our institutions of government by creating these instruments of a private political vendetta,” Biden said in an announcement.