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Johnny Depp’s fans Need justice as Amber Heard admits hitting him pots and pans

Last updated on February 3, 2020

An explosive video has surfaced, where Hollywood celebrity Johnny Depp’s ex-wife and celebrity Amber Heard has confessed she struck Depp several times. The revelation has contributed to Depp’s fans pouring their anger out on Twitter and creating #JusticeForJohnnyDepp fad on the social networking platform.

A Dailymail report uttered Heard as stating, “I am sorry I did not, uh, uh, hit you round the face at a suitable smack, but I had been hitting one, it wasn’t punching you. Babe, you are not punched,” Heard informs Depp, trying to downplay her outburst the former day. “I don’t understand what the movement of my true hand was, but you are fine, I didn’t hurt you, I didn’t punch me, I had been hitting one,” she states in the movie.

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It was a casual two-hour treatment’ session listed consensually on Heard’s mobile phone and provided to with a well-placed origin, the report maintained.

“`I left. Frankly, I vow to you since I simply could not take the notion of more physicality, more physical abuse on each other. Because had it, it’d have gotten awful. I am scared to death we’re a crime scene at this time,” he states.

“Just because I have thrown pots and pans doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t come and knock on my door,” Amber states and Depp cut into indicate he has also had ribbons hurled at him, she answers, “Just because there are ribbons doesn’t follow that you come and knock on the door”

“Truly, I need to just allow you to throw? The only time I ever uttered anything was if you f**king threw the headphones in me in Australia,’ he admits at the sound clip.

Back in November 2019, Amber requested her ex-husband to permit a mental health specialist to conduct an Independent Mental Examination (IME) on him. Heard had taken this measure as she thought Johnny’s alleged drug, alcohol, and alcohol med usage led to the abuse alleged with her sooner.