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Johnson accuses Labour of’fiddling’ next Brexit referendum by Providing vote to EU nationals

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson accused the Labour Party on Thursday of trying to’rig’ their suggested second referendum on Brexit by providing a vote to two million UK residents of EU nationality.

“It will be rigged in some way by becoming in countless more Republicans who would be quite likely to vote 1 way instead of another, I believe that would lead to a lot of public disquiet and that I do not think that it’s the ideal way forward,” Johnson said as he visited a mill in Derbyshire.

Minister Michael Gove resisted the Prime Minister’s remarks at a BBC radio interview on Friday afternoon:”Indeed, EU nationals do not vote, haven’t voted in general elections, and so do not vote, haven’t voted in referendums such as the Brexit referendum — and, consequently, we simply believe it’d be unjust,” he explained.

The team the3million, that represents them on Twitter:

“Adding EU taxpayers isn’t’trivial’. It rights that a democratic deficit made in 2016.”

“We are not overseas agents as Mr Johnson suggests your”friends, colleagues and acquaintances” – straight affected – that want our interests to be reflected just like everybody else.”

Even the Labour party’s manifesto cites”giving complete voting rights to all UK residents” however it’s uncertain if that would also apply to the so-called”Closing Say referendum” on Brexit suggested by party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Euronews achieved into the Labour party for clarification and has been awaiting their answer at the time of composing.