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Judge sets June 4 hearing to Get suspects in Arbery slaying

Glynn County Magistrate Court Judge Wallace E. Harrell put a preliminary hearing for June 4,” stated courtroom clerk Luetrice Lott. The judge will determine whether the government had sufficient evidence to charge the guys in Arbery’s departure.

Arbery was murdered Feb. 23 when a white father and boy armed themselves and chased the 25-year-old black guy after spotting him operating in their area just outside the port town of Brunswick. More than two weeks passed before Gregory McMichael, 64, and Travis McMichael, 34, were arrested May 7 charges of felony murder and aggravated assault.

Bryan is the guy whose mobile movie of the shooting, which leaked on the web two days ahead of the McMichaels’ arrests, ignited a nationwide outcry over the situation.

All 3 guys remain jailed pending a bond hearing before a different judge.

Defense lawyers for the McMichaels have urged people to not rush to judgment in the situation. Gregory McMichael told authorities he guessed Arbery was a burglar and Arbery assaulted his son before being taken. Arbery’s family has said that he was only out jogging.

Bryan’s lawyer, Kevin Gough, has insisted that his client played no part in Arbery’s departure. The arrest warrant for Bryan says he used a car to try to”restrict and banning” Arbery.