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Just a crash will Finish slip-streaming qualifying queues, warns Hamilton

Last updated on September 9, 2019

Lewis Hamilton cautioned on Saturday just a crash could stop future repeats of this slip-streaming farce that concluded Saturday’s qualifying session for the Grand Prix.

“I’m sure it will last as positioning is essential. If everybody is going out so late, then it is going to continue to be a problem in areas in which you especially require a tow,” explained Hamilton.

“It will not be till somebody crashes which they’ll change. We’re all trying to have a gap, which is still crucial… In certain areas, you desire a larger gap and in certain areas it’s around the tow.

“It’s the system which must change a bit, but I do not think we will need to begin handing out penalties.

Better for the lovers and not as dangerous.” Following the session, which finished with just two cars generating lap times while the remainder were completed from the chequered flag, Hamilton had proposed Ferrari was accountable for its outcome.

“It was certainly not deliberate from our side. There was likewise Seb who had been capable of getting the rod position and also we did not wish to forfeit 1 automobile for the rod with another,” said Leclerc.

“It was rather catchy. I certainly feel that situations such as what occurred after the next corner should not occur — there were just two automobiles side-by-side moving at 20 kph and we could not pass them.

“I believe the majority of the drivers supporting desired to maneuver, but did not have the chance. These scenarios made a major mess to the end and that is why some cars did not make it to begin their laps” Leclerc’s Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel was abandoned miserable after qualifying fourth supporting Valtteri Bottas at the next Mercedes.

“I am not pleased with the way it went,” he explained.

“I believed we had a much better way we carried this… It wasn’t exactly what we planned to perform.”