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Kansas City Chiefs defence comes through in Super Bowl Victory

Last updated on February 3, 2020

The Kansas City Chiefs were looking in a double deficit for the third time in three postseason games.

This time around less than 15 minutes left from the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl when defensive end Frank Clark sauntered on the field at Hard Rock Stadium and started to talk some crap.

“I went out there and told them’You guys will go home like everyone else,'” Clark remembered. “I told George Kittle that he was moving home. I told Joe Staley that he was moving home. I advised all those men, they were going home”

The Chiefs shipped them home with a gorgeous 31-20 defeat.

Probably the way? A defense that has been rebuilt from the bottom up following its AFC championship match collapse a year before, which had fought during the night to pick up the fizzling Kansas City offense.

The defense pushed the 49ers to a set of punts from the fourth quarter, providing Patrick Mahomes an opportunity to muster the Chiefs for their first title in 50 decades, along with also the young quarterback came with touchdown passes to Travis Kelce and Damien Williams to give his team the lead.

“I knew we weren’t in the perfect position,” Mahomes explained, “but I thought in my defense to get stops and they did.”

The 49ers still had an opportunity after Williams attained over the pylon with 2:44 left, along with a movie inspection upheld the touchdown phone that gave Kansas City the guide.

But after letting a first down, a defense that transported a newfound sense of purpose made four successive plays when they needed it.

It was a fantastic challenge defensively entering this match. I am proud that we sort of closed down them “

Back in Kansas City, a fanbase that had not celebrated a name since the Nixon government was eventually able to exhale.

“I feel those folks are so joyful, and of course, we are so thankful we’re the group to sort of bring it back to all those individuals,” Mathieu said. “Individuals who have been encouraging us all year. It is sort of cool to finish as a winner.”

As soon as the last seconds eventually ticked off the clock, Clark ripped his helmet off and ran the length of the area, falling to his knees and staring into the heavens. Mathieu pranced about in party, his very own roller-coaster journey reaching its climax.

The defensive line which always put strain on Garoppolo down the stretch appeared just like giddy schoolchildren as they hugged amid the flying confetti, the party five years before making finally playing on a field in Miami.

“I told Coach Reid we are not leaving with no ring. We are not likely to get on that bus with no ring,” Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones stated. We made a halt and they sailed.”