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Korean president Desires to toast 60th birthday with any citizens born the Exact same day and year

Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga will shortly be celebrating her 60th birthday and she has decided to observe the landmark with fellow taxpayers born on precisely the same day.

“I’d be thrilled to get your enrollment for my birthday celebration,” Sommaruga submitted on Twiter, along with an image of her younger self.

The Federal government clarified that only”people, who like her, will turn 60 on May 14, 2020″ will attend the celebration to be held daily.

The gathering is to be held in Bern and the”amount of participants is restricted”, it included.

People who match the standards need to fill in a form and supply evidence a copy of their identity card or passport.

According to federal documents, 8,492 individuals were created in Switzerland at Mai 1960, meaning an average of 274 individuals were born on every day.