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Kosovan PM to Drive for constructive dialogue with Serbia

Kosovo’s new prime minister required power at the start of February and also his occupation is now to direct the discussions to attempt to push Serbia to reevaluate Kosovo as an independent state.

Dating with Serbia

Jack Parrock, Euronews: “Prime Minister, what’s your strategy for managing the discussions with Serbia?”

Albin Kurti, Prime Minister of Kosovo: “We wish to have an appropriate conversation, which can be well-prepared and with great fundamentals set up. We, of course, request comprehension of our republic. I believe Serbia must face its past, all of the wrongdoings and the offenses throughout the war. And by managing the last, I think that we can create excellent conditions for peace and stability within the area. Seeing Serbia, we need equality. We need reciprocity.”

Jack Parrock, Euronews: “What exactly are you going to be in a position to perform differently to previous authorities?”

Albin Kurti, Prime Minister of Kosovo: “I’m a man that has been for more than two years in resistance. I understand Serbia well. Additionally, they know me quite well. I have been within their prisons for a couple of decades and seven weeks, which was through the span of Milosevic, but in the future. The timing is ripe to participate in new dialog for arrangement in both balances, at the register of values to your long run along with the register of data in the past”

Jack Parrock, Euronews: What is your deadline for this?

But the content and substance of the arrangement is much more important than the timeframe”

Jack Parrock, Euronews: “How do you feel about any proposal of partition…of Kosovo property to be granted to Serbia? Would that be around the table for you?”

Albin Kurti, Prime Minister of Kosovo: “Kosovo can’t participate in any type of so-called property swap or territorial market undertaking. All those jobs previously failed and they’ll fail later on also, especially now we are in power. If anybody tries them, territorial answers are a recipe for brand new battles, not to the peace we desire.”

Jack Parrock, Euronews: “You stated that you’re ready to finish the 100 percent tariffs on Serbian products, and that is exactly what the United States needs. However, they need it with no other conditions connected.

So individuals voted for reciprocity and we can’t simply raise the tariffs 100%”

EU enlargement

However, you’ve seen your closest neighbors, North Macedonia and Albania, have a stalling procedure in the European Union. Has this changed how Kosovo feels concerning the EU procedure, the way you’re feeling about the practice of EU accession?”

Albin Kurti, Prime Minister of Kosovo: “Obviously, we’re supporting Albania and North Macedonia and that choose not to start negotiations with both of these states was disappointing for all of us. However, I believe the EU ought to be defended. The EU must be expanded using the Western Balkans and we aren’t neighbors of the EU. We’re surrounded by the EU.”

Do you believe that they’re on precisely the same page in regards to Kosovo Serbia relationships?”

That will be fantastic. But we shouldn’t endanger different connections and dialogue as such with arrangements that might be placed too soon to become okay.”

Both these states don’t recognize the independence of Kosovo.”

Albin Kurti, Prime Minister of Kosovo: “We can’t decide who’ll be in office in Brussels for some of those purposes. Yes, it’s increased some skepticism among the people of Kosovo, and as a brand new administration, we have two quite substantial officials from two states which don’t recognize us. I expect they are not likely to represent their nations, they will represent the EU.”

Josep Borrell was very outspoken before.”

Albin Kurti, Prime Minister of Kosovo: “Well, maybe he should provide new thinking into the whole issue of the Western Balkans for the interest of a European alternative and also the independence of Kosovo is a fact. I believe whoever denies that reality or attempts to bring any sort of solution without needing this condition and also the will of the folks here will harm himself or herself.”

Special court at The Hague

You are going to be expected to collaborate with this. How prepared are you to do this?”

Albin Kurti, Prime Minister of Kosovo: “It is not much I could perform. Taken into account that Specialist Chambers is becoming a global obligation. They had been hunted in our parliament nearly five years ago with a two-thirds majority. It’s a distinctive sort of court, which I believe lacks transparency”

Jack Parrock, Euronews: “So would you prefer to find the specialist court attracted in The Hague and established completely in Pristina?”

So ordinary courts. I believe justice ought to be home-grown.”

Jack Parrock, Euronews: “Are you going to completely cooperate with the Specific Chambers at The Hague?”

Albin Kurti, Prime Minister of Kosovo: “Our Ministry of Justice has been cooperating, but Specialist Chambers is working through its potentiality over through its precision, as when the aim was to subject KLA commanders left into strong politicians instead of bringing justice especially for its victims”

Are you going to give them all of the information that they ask?”

Albin Kurti, Prime Minister of Kosovo: “It is a Global responsibility for us”

The Chambers are connected to every degree of the Kosovo court system. They had been created with a Constitutional Amendment along with also a Law adopted by the Kosovo Assembly to run trials for allegations coming from the 2011 Council of Europe report, that states serious violations of global law.)

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