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Kosovo’s new Administration eases trade Limitations with rival Serbia

Only days after coming to power Kosovo’s new prime minister Abdullah Hoti has raised a number of the constraints on Serb products entering the country.

They had been enforced just days ahead of the last maximal, Albin Kurti, had abandoned office.

It is an attempt by Hoti to restart dialogue with Kosovo’s neighbor and regional rival Serbia.

“We wait to see exactly the identical thing in the Serb side to lift all of the barriers and give breathing into this dialogue process,” he explained.

Hoti added that when Serbia continues to refuse to recognize Kosovo’s autonomy that the constraints could be reimposed.

The Serbian government will no longer need to employ the same documentation criteria on products exported to Kosovo since they need for Kosovar products entering Serbia.

In Belgrade Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said the raising of the trade challenges paved the way for advancement in diplomatic relations.

“I think also that there could be great business relations between Albanians and Serbians,” he stated, speaking to the Albanians that are in the majority in Kosovo.

But restarting the European Union-facilitated conversation over ties between the two remains a large challenge.

Kosovo was part of Serbia till there was an armed uprising by the ethnic Albanian inhabitants in 1988.

The Serbs launched a brutal crackdown which triggered a NATO bombing campaign.

It compelled Serbia’s troops from Kosovo and finished the war. Subsequently in 2008 Kosovo declared liberty which Serbia will not recognize.