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Labour Asserts NHS’on the table’ at Boris Johnson US trade Discussions

In a media conference on Tuesday, Corbyn brandished the records asserting that British healthcare wasn’t secure in Johnson’s hands and Labour” will not utilize the NHS for a bargaining chip” in trade discussions with the United States.

Johnson, who has denied that the NHS is to the desk in any talks with the US within a bargain, branded the claims”total crap” and he gave a”seven-year warranty” it wouldn’t be.

“Maybe he (Johnson) might love to clarify why these records affirm the US is demanding that the NHS is about the desk at the trade discussions,” Corbyn told a news conference.

“These uncensored files leave Boris Johnson’s denials in complete tatters.”

The news comes just two weeks ahead of the UK goes to the polls and in a period when polling reveals Labour closing the gap using Johnson’s Conservative party.

Additionally, it comes a day after a meeting Corbyn gave on nationwide tv which has been called a”car crash” by a lot of the UK media.

The Conservative Party press office advised Euronews a statement could be issued shortly.