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Labour deputy also Corbyn critic Tom Watson standing down while MP

In a letter to Labour pioneer Jeremy Corbyn that was shared with his Twitter profile,” Watson reported that serving the party” had become the privilege of a life”.

He added that his choice was”private, not political.”

Watson, who’d symbolized West Bromwich East since 2001, had battled with Corbyn within the shift in leadership of the celebration because the left-winger was chosen leader in 2015, most notably over Brexit.

Earlier this year there was a bidding from the Corbynite left of this celebration to abolish Watson’s article, who had defeated Corbyn loyalists along with his criticisms of the handling of the scandal over anti-Semitism.

In his correspondence, Watson alludes to”the disagreements we’ve had within the celebration are well known; today isn’t the opportunity to rehearse them .”

However, in his reaction to Watson on Twitter, Corbyn also played down the differences between both Labour veterans.

Corbyn’s correspondence was more genial than Watson’s, speaking for their”convivial talks about […] biking, exercise, and horticulture.”

“I expect that the horseradish plants I gave you flourish,” he explained.