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Leading Boris Johnson aide flouts lockdown curbs, Resistance demands resignation

Not celebrating curbs imposed on account of this coronavirus pandemic has resulted in two high profile resignations lately: epidemiologist Neil Ferguson resigned by an integral government committee and Catherine Calderwood since the chief health officer of Scotland.

The revelation prompted expressions of fury on societal websites from folks who followed official information and were for months of touch with family and relatives, even if many were perishing. 1 set of principles for your people and another for people in power, they whined.

A Labour spokesman represented the ennui: “The people have made extraordinary sacrifices in this pandemic as well as the lockdown. It cannot be a single rule for people who place them and yet another for the British men and women.”

They stated they wouldn’t need the resistance to politicize the situation.

A Downing Street spokesman said: “Due to his spouse being infected with guessed coronavirus and the high likelihood he would become unwell, Dominic Cummings needed to make sure his child might be suitably cared for”.

“His sister and nieces had volunteered to assist so he moved into a home close to but different from his extended family if their assistance was needed. His sister shopped to your family members and left everything out”.

“At no point was their loved ones spoken to from the authorities concerning this issue, as has been reported. His activities were in accord with coronavirus guidelines. Mr. Cummings considers he acted reasonably and legitimately.”

The Durham authorities stated: “Given the entire ethos of the advice and regulations that were created to decrease the spread, irrespective of motive, by traveling to County Durham when understood to be infected was unwise”.