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Lean times Throughout lockdown in cash-strapped Ukrainian zoo

Lean beef was partly replaced by other broccoli and lettuce swapped for cabbage.

Monkeys, lions, and tigers are influenced by the modifications, and among the leopards has lost weight, zookeepers state.

A steep earnings decline on account of the federal shutdown to restrain the virus has hit them hard.

Closed for almost two weeks, the zoo is no longer getting revenue from traffic and has just issued an urgent appeal to the general public for contributions.

They’ve raised roughly 6,920 euros however, the zoo needs longer to endure.

Pinchuk, that also has a property company, said he’d sought to reduce prices as far as possible, putting off non-essential employees and simplifying the critters’ specialized diets.

Their new diets have influenced their disposition, he along with his zookeepers said.

“They’re like people, they enjoy the range,” said Maksym Kovalev, who’s been employed in the zoo for almost two decades. “It is like changing to porridge after eating food”

Carnivorous animals like a jaguar have had to get used to lower rations of high-quality meat, stated the other zookeeper, Igor Dzharayan.

But others and he insisted that the critters aren’t hungry and their overall calorie intake is still the same.

Pinchuk said the creatures occasionally skip a few foods until they get accustomed to new foods.

“Initially they simply don’t know what’s been attracted to them and do not eat it. They consider it in surprise,” stated 47-year-old Pinchuk.

Monkeys, whose diets are costly, also have been considerably influenced, ” he said.

Joseph the orangutan enjoys persimmons and tangerines and his disposition might turn sour if he fails to get his favorite fruit, Pinchuk said.

“We must give him, it is his favorite stuff.”

Apart from animal feed, you will find additional maintenance expenses, stated Pinchuk, adding it was also important to maintain cages warm.

In the beginning, the team attempted to prevent contact with monkeys, fearing that they could get infected with coronavirus but proved too hard.

It was just not possible to bear,” Pinchuk said, remembering his 2 orangutans cried and clung to the doorway.

Monkeys have missed people also, their keepers said.

Each year a few hundred million people go to the zoo, which crosses 18 hectares and includes a restaurant built in the kind of a castle.

It’s very busy in spring, together with the parking lot filled with cars and playgrounds packed with kids.

By Monday, Ukraine is set to start lifting lockdown steps, and Pinchuk expects to be permitted to re-open within an open-source park.

Severe limitations will be released to keep animals safe.

Pinchuk said he intended to put up posters asking guests to not give any food.

But keeping them inside was not a choice, ” he explained.

“There is not any selection. We can’t shut the zoo and see them waste from other disorders, too little sunlight, or even a bad mood”