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Leonardo DiCaprio refutes claim he Financed Amazon wildfires

Leonardo DiCaprio has refuted false and bizarre promises from Brazil’s right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro the celebrity funded the wildfires from the Amazon, playing right into a ploy from the World Wildlife Fund to create contributions.

DiCaprio published an announcement on Instagram Saturday that”while worthy of service, we didn’t finance the organizations “

Bolsonaro stated, according to Reuters, through short remarks in the front of the presidential house on Friday.

Reuters noted that Bolsonaro seemed to be commenting on contested social networking articles that WWF had compensated for photos obtained by volunteer firefighters and utilized them to solicit contributions, including $500,000 by DiCaprio. The claim is the most up-to-date in an attempt by Bolsonaro to divert blame for the catastrophic fires from his administration, which scaled police against illegal logging, mining, and ranching.

Bolsonaro also spoke about DiCaprio on Thursday through a live webcast, stating that the World Wildlife Fund had paid the volunteer firefighting company to shoot photos of forest fires in the Amazon.

“So what exactly did the N.G.O. do? What’s the simplest thing? Set fire to the woods. Take photos, make a movie,” the president explained, adding that the fund”makes an effort against Brazil, it contacts Leonardo DiCaprio, he donates $500,000.”

“A component of this went into the people which were putting fires,” Mr. Bolsonaro explained. “Leonardo DiCaprio, you’re contributing to the flame at the Amazon; which will not do.”

The Friday accusation came after four members of a volunteer firefighting brigade were detained on suspicion of setting fires to wake up gifts for his or her organization.

DiCaprio is an active environmentalist, devoting $5 million to the Amazon and beginning his namesake base in 1998, which is centered on jobs which”protect vulnerable wildlife .” The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is a portion of the Earth Alliance.