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Leonardo DiCaprio saves Guy who Dropped off cruise Boat, was stranded at sea for 11 hours

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio turned into a real-life hero for a fortunate guy. As per a report in E! News, the celebrity rescued a guy who dropped a cruise ship and was stranded at sea.

The guy worked on a cruise boat and was drunk when he toppled off the ship and into the sea on December 30. He swam for 11 hours from the water but was finally saved by Leonardo, whose ship was the only person in the area once the hunt for the guy had been called on. He had been discovered right in time, just before sunset.

Leo was vacationing with his girlfriend Camilla Morrone at St Bart’s at the moment. Photographs in their holiday went viral throughout the New Year’s. Both have been spotted frolicking in the beach, her at her leopard-print swimsuit along with him along with his dark shorts and sunnies. Leo was spotted taking pictures and making videos of Camilla because they travelled to the sea.

Their age-gap has raised many eyebrows within the two decades they’ve been together. Talking to the Los Angeles Times, Camilla addressed precisely the same. “I probably will be interested in it as well. I feel like that ought to always be an individuality aside from who you are dating… I know the institution, but I am convinced that will continue to slide away and be of a dialogue,” she explained.

Leo was recently found in the Golden Globes Awards ceremony on Sunday at Los Angeles. Leo has also got a nod in the Best Actor category of BAFTAs, the nominations for that were announced on Tuesday.

Aside from making accolades for his job as a celebrity, Leo can also be keeping his environmental activism at the forefront. He joined former US vice president Al Gore and other characters in financing a new initiative to find answers to climate change. Leo’s company Earth Alliance dedicated $5 million into Amazon fire relief campaign.