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Lewis Hamilton Requires more consistency Following Charles Leclerc Contentious move

Last updated on September 9, 2019

A frustrated Lewis Hamilton called for increased consistency and equity from stewards’ conclusions after falling out on winning Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix.

The show leader and safeguarding five-time world winner believed that he was the victim of a contentious move throughout the closely-fought race when victorious Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc obstructed him leaving a vehicle’s breadth of space.

The incident caused the victorious 21-year-old Monegasque driver being revealed a black flag, signalling a warning but with no punishment.

Hamilton remembered similar episodes in previous seasons have led to time fines and indicated the present generation of younger motorists are being permitted to race under various rules.

“That is just racing, I figure,” he explained.

“I needed to avoid colliding with him a few times and that is how it is, racing, now.”

Hamilton, who had been in just two seconds of Leclerc for the majority of the race,” said earlier he didn’t need to discuss the events he had said were not dangerous.

“It does not really matter exactly what I presume,” said the Briton.

It’s pointless to bring this up.

“I needed to prevent crashes and then I attempted to race hard again and return. This new creation eliminate much more than we did previously.

“I would like to see consequences.”