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Liberal Democrats formally Vow to Prevent Brexit when they win a Federal election

Last updated on September 15, 2019

Jo Swinson claims a Liberal Democrat government would reverse Article 50 and cease Brexit if it could win a majority in the next UK election.

In the party conference, delegates voted to cancel Brexit at case it wins a nationwide election, strengthening their anti-Brexit position.

Party leader Swinson would like to acquire over 350 seats in Parliament–up from a recent tally of 18–and use it to prevent Brexit.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr series Sunday before the convention claims, Swinson said: “We are going to struggle to get a Liberal Democrat majority authorities and also for me to become prime minister of the nation.

“We are in these dangerous times and we’ve got a chance to modify the route but that does demand the Liberal Democrats to make that jump and I am determined to create that.

“When the Liberal Democrats win a majority, if folks enter authorities the stop Brexit celebration, then quitting Brexit is precisely what folks will get. Yes, we’ll reverse Article 50.”

She’s seen numerous defections in the Conservative and Labour parties lately, such as Tory rebel Sam Gyimah.

Conservative MP Phillip Lee defected to the celebration to the eve of a vital vote two weeks back on a statement to induce Johnson to look for an expansion of the Brexit deadline past October 31.

However, Swinson has a hill to climb if she’s to secure the explosion she desires for the Liberal Democrats. She’s a slender majority in her constituency chair of East Dunbartonshire, which she dropped to the Scottish National Party in 2015.

Swinson managed to win the seat at the snap election called by Theresa May in 2017, however, he faces a renewed challenge from the anti-Brexit SNP within another election.

Her newest recruits might also struggle: Though Gyimah won East Surrey in 2017 with the vast majority of 23,914 and nearly 60 percent of their vote, 54.2percent of respondents in the constituency voted to depart from the 2016 referendum. He’ll now have to acquire as a representative of a publicly anti-Brexit celebration.