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Lights out on North Delhi Roads Around $10 crore dues

The usefulness TPDDL provides electricity to approximately 1.42 million customers in North Delhi, together with those payments because of road lights exceptional for the previous 15 months. Interestingly, the two NDMC and DSIIDC have refused the possession of those street lights.

Mint reported on 28 January 2013 about town municipal corporations being strapped for money that they can not even pay electricity distributors for the energy they consume. Low tax set from municipal bodies is 1 reason behind the absence of resource commitment towards civic amenities like a street light.

“North Delhi inhabitants, particularly those living in unauthorized places, must wade through shadowy streets because of non-payment of 10 crores pertaining to maintenance costs of over 60000 road lights from the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) and Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation(DSIIDC) into Tata Power-DDL,” the utility said in a statement on Monday evening.

Street lighting is supposed to function as a deterrent to crime and encourage an awareness of safety among communities. This comes in the background of street crime, especially that directed at girls, being a matter of grave concern. There were national protests after the brutal assault and rape of a 23-year-old pupil to a moving bus at the federal capital on 16 December 2012.

“In the last couple of months, the business has written a few letters to all concerned governments and the Chief Secretary Delhi Government because of his intervention for premature settlement and instantaneous release of this payment,” the announcement said.

“It’s notable here that the maintenance of street lights in unauthorized areas prices Tata Power-DDL approx. $68 lakhs a month,” the announcement added.

Delhi’s electricity requirement ranked among the nation’s highest and touched that an all-time large of 7,409 megawatts (MW) on 2 July.

‘TATA Power-DDL always strives to provide the best of solutions to its clients, but in such an instance non-payment of dues is seriously hampering the normal upkeep of the street lights. In a situation like this, we cannot keep these road lights any farther that is resulting in darkness in particular regions of Delhi and making them dangerous for the taxpayers,” said Sanjay Banga, CEO, Tata Power-DDL at the announcement.