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London Guy sentenced to 3 years in prison for Producing a 3D printed Weapon

Last updated on September 20, 2019

A 26-year-old was sentenced Thursday to 3 years imprisonment for printing a 3D weapon.

“I expect that the current sentencing sends an unequivocal and effective message that we will prosecute anyone who believes they can get away with being accountable for or producing a firearm, at London,” Detective Sergeant Jonathan Roberts stated.

Physicians had hunted Muswere’s home utilizing a medication warrant in October 2017 and discovered remnants of a 3D published firearm”capable of shooting a deadly shot,” authorities said.

Muswere maintained he didn’t know that it was capable of shooting but’d watched videos about how to publish a 3D gun which fires ammunition.

He told authorities he had been printing the gun to get a college movie job.

“Muswere claimed he was printing the guns to get a’dystopian’ university movie project, but he hasn’t explained why he contained that the parts required to generate a lethal barrelled weapon,” Roberts stated.

“We all know that Mus were was intending to line the printed guns using steel tubes to produce a barrel capable of shooting.”

Police discovered more portions of a 3D printed gun through another raid on Muswere’s house on February 2018.