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London mayor: Deeply Mad over India House violence

Writing in the most recent issue of Asian Voice’, a top British Asian book, Khan, who’s of Pakistan source, paid tributes to the Indian community, including that he was’distraught’ over the violence and guaranteed to do’everything in my power’ to stop these events.

The violence during protests ordered to oppose recent modifications in the arrangement of Jammu and Kashmir in India’s national set-up resulted in a diplomatic row between New Delhi and London. Prime Minister Boris Johnson afterward expressed sorrow over the episodes.

Khan wrote: “I’ve condemned these activities in the strongest possible terms. I understand and understand why a lot from the Indian community are contested. And I agree that what occurred was unacceptable”.

“This sort of behavior goes against what we stand for in London along with also the open-minded, liberal values we all hold so precious…I instantly raised this issue together with the Metropolitan Police and my staff have been in contact with the Indian High Commission to provide our support during”.

The type of threatening behavior that happened away from the Indian High Commission shouldn’t be tolerated, and I will guarantee Londoners that anybody who’s discovered to have acted unlawfully would be chased by the entire power of the Metropolitan Police to ensure justice has been done”.

Noting his parents along with grand-parents were born and raised in India,” Khan remembered his trip to the nation in 2017, also stated Londoners of Indian origin have left”a massive and valuable contribution to our town” over time.

“Whether celebrating Holi or Navratri, Londoners of all Indian origin have consistently welcomed their fellow Londoners in their lives. And in a time of growing branches, our town’s Indian community have played an integral role in showing the rest of the world that here in London we do not only respect and tolerate our differences we observe them”, but he also said.

Even the Labour party reiterated its rights-focussed stand on Jammu and Kashmir through its yearly summit this week at a settlement.