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Louvre museum Shuts over Employees’ coronavirus Anxieties

Visitors were not able to enter Paris’s legendary Louvre Museum on Sunday after it had been shut over coronavirus worries.

The gates remained closed to all except employees, who held a meeting with direction over COVID-19 by a union representative.

France has listed 130 coronavirus cases and 2 deaths.

On Saturday, the government announced several steps to attempt to suppress the outbreak, such as canceling all parties of over 5,000 individuals in restricted spaces.

Employees are resigned up protective measures, including the supply of hand sanitizing window and gel obstacles to different cashiers from members of the general public.

The Louvre had 9.6 million people in 2019.

Italian soccer league fixtures postponed

The epidemic forced the postponement of five games in Italy’s top-flight Serie A soccer league.

In Iran, state TV showed what seemed to become patients infected with COVID-19 being quarantined from the cities of Tehran and Qom.

National media reported all flights into the town of Rasht was suspended but didn’t provide the reason.

Back in Japan, the Tokyo marathon moved forward but as a result of fears over the spread of this virus that the race was confined to just over 200 elite runners rather than the 38,000 that was anticipated.