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Macron to bring pension tsar into Cupboard ahead of risky Marriage talks

Last updated on September 3, 2019

French President Emmanuel Macron is drafting his special adviser on retirement reform to authorities, providing Jean-Paul Delevoye additional power to negotiate with unions the very reckless leg of his reform so far.

Macron embarks this week talks with unions on a overhaul of France’s convoluted retirement program to plug in a chronic deficit.

In a meeting with regional newspaper La Voix du Nord, Delevoye, who filed a report on the authorities before the summer break advocating the retirement age be pushed back two decades, said he’d continue his job in the cabinet table.

“I maintain the exact same staffthe exact same office, and eventually become the most important negotiating partner with unions and companies and draft the upcoming invoice,” Delevoye was quoted as stating.

The Elysee palace didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Delevoye suggested in July pushing back the age for a complete retirement by two decades to 64, together with people choosing to quit working at 62 getting lower benefits.

The age of retirement has been a volatile issue in France. Wary of simmering public anger following months of anti-government protests this season, Macron stated last week that he favored benefits to be dependent on the length of a individual’s career, instead of the age at which they retire.