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Mafia crook One of 19 suspects in Storyline to Make Brand New Nazi party in Italy

Italian authorities completed numerous raids on Thursday as a part of a two-year evaluation to far-right extremists suspected of intending a new Nazi party in Italy.

The houses of 19 alleged extremists in a variety of parts of Italy were hunted, authorities said in a fresh launch.

It’s alleged that they desired to make a far-right group known as the Partito Nazionalsocialista Italiano Dei Lavoratori Italian or — National Socialist Workers’ Party.

Some supposedly had access to weapons and educated on social networking.

One of the 19 suspects is a top figure in the Calabria-based’Ndrangheta mafia, with criminal histories and previous links to a different far-right group, Forza Nuova. Authorities said his participation was”significant”