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‘Magic and Fantasies’ Because Lyon’s beloved Festival of Lights kicks off Christmas season

‘Magic and fantasies’

“Light, symbolizing the revived identity of town, takes visitors on a trip through a magical world, full of dreams and magic,” the festival organizers said.

Among other attractions on screen this season, the courtyard of the City Hall includes a light and sound installation, motivated by the submerged world of this mythical underwater city of Ys.

Along the banks of the Saone river and on Fourvière Hill, people will find the Cloud Harvester,” an immersive art using a strong ecological message.

“The starting point for this particular invention is an invention made to harvest the water found in the clouds to resolve drought brought on by global warming,” organizers said on the festival’s site.

“This enchanting series follows the experiences of a family of giants amassing clouds to warm water a luminous flower, a delicate symbol of endangered species”

A long tradition

The tradition of light up whole districts continued and evolved through recent years.

From the 1960s, shop-window lighting contests gave fresh momentum into the convention.

Illuminating heritage websites around December 8 turned into a town’s public coverage in 1989. Lyon was the first European town to start such a job.

The yearly event has become a part of this city’s individuality, attracting millions of people each year.