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Maharashtra Police Utilizes 3 Idiots pic to Frighten people against triple riding, R Madhavan Guarantees them he follows All of the Principles

Actor R Madhavan Was the perfect Answer to Some Idiots picture shared with the Maharashtra Police on Wednesday. Employing a meme of three chief characters of this hit 2009 movie, the authorities attempted to warn commuters against triple driving.

The photograph showed Madhavan, Aamir Khan and Sharman Joshi riding one scooter, with no helmets. The text near the picture,’Triple chair.

Madhavan responded with an image of himself from actual life. In it, he’s seen riding a bicycle all by himself and even wearing a helmet. “I concur WHOLE Heartedly‚Ķ,” he wrote in his conversation.

The celebrity’s fans loved his reply. “You’re excellent Sir. But some urged him to put on a complete helmet for improved defense.

The celebrity cast and crew of 3 Idiots recently celebrated the movie’s 10th anniversary. Boman Irani, who played with the favorite function of the dean Viru’Virus’ Sahastrabuddhe obtained nostalgic. “I’m pleasantly surprised that people enjoy an unhappy personality like Virus. He’s so negative. I hadn’t ever thought Virus is a personality people would grab because of this negativity but it would appear that the more times people watch this film, the character grows more relatable. Additionally, the personality redeemed himself at the end and that is what helps add to the relatable nature of this personality. I am quite thankful that the movie is adored. Folks should decide to love a personality. Viewers have the actual power over theatre — it is due to their love and admiration for the characters in this film it has come up to now,” Boman said.

The movie became the greatest blockbuster of all Bollywood, upon launch. It has been 10 decades and the film remains etched in the hearts of individuals — particularly for actors’ performances as well as the hit tunes such as All izz nicely, Zoobi doobi and Behti Hawa sa the woh.