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Mallika Sherawat says she is Not Willing to be a Mommy:’I’m petrified of the Duty’

The doting aunt took him into the Cannes Film Festival this past year.

“I’m having a ball. I don’t have a kid of my own. Therefore Rancher resembles my baby. I have the best time. I play him, cuddle him to travel together and enjoy the very best moments with him and give him back to his parents. No nappy changing obligations for me personally,” that the 42-year-old shares laughing.

However, Mallika says that she isn’t prepared for that.

“It’s too much of a responsibility that I do not want. I’m petrified of the duty of a child. When I have a kid, I would need to think about this kid all of the time. I’ll go mad considering which faculty and all that.

She might not be receptive to having children but Mallika, that outdated French journalist Cyrille Auxenfans for quite a while, is prepared for love, again.

“I’m single, but I’d need to be truly loved. Romance is excellent, and it’s inspiring.

So, has she confronted any biases due to her status in India? “I believe for actresses; the principles are somewhat different. There are many single actresses not just today but Asha Parekh ke time se. Additionally Rekhaji. Single actresses are gleaned from each of the conclusions which regular women face in Indian society. However, naturally, there are still those who seem at actresses in a derogatory fashion and state inse Kaun Shaadi Karega. But I do not care about everything. I’m living my own life my way, and I’m having a ball,” finishes Mallika.