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Malta’s PM announces plan to Resign amid crisis over Killed journalist probe

Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, engulfed in catastrophe over the probe into a murdered journalist, declared on Sunday he intended to resign, saying he’d request his ruling Labour Party to begin picking a new leader to the nation next month.

Calls for Muscat to quit had intensified following the investigation to the 2017 car bomb killing of anti-corruption journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia contributed to prices Saturday against a prominent businessman with alleged connections to government ministers and senior officers.

In a televised speech on Sunday evening, Muscat stated he wasn’t leaving immediately, instead announcing a procedure to replace him which will begin on Jan. 12.

This attracted immediate criticism from several competitors who said he must move straight away.

“I shall write to the president of the Labour Party so the procedure for a new leader is a place for 12th January 2020. In the days following I shall resign as prime minister,” Muscat said.

“Our nation thus will begin a brief procedure of about per month to the Labour Party to pick a new leader and a brand new prime minister,” he further added.

Thousands of people took part before on Sunday in an anti-government demonstration in Valetta, the capital of this small Mediterranean archipelago, together with members of their Caruana Galizia family resulting in the march.

In his speech, the prime minister struck a defiant tone, saying that each day because of the murder he’d uttered duties in”the interests of the ending of the situation”. He also added, however, that”a few conclusions were great while some might have been better left”.

“Each of the duty that I had to shoulder certainly doesn’t compare to the pain the victimâ$™s household is enduring,” additional Muscat, 45.

There was no immediate response from the household, which had called for him to resign.