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Man locks in Toilet over coronavirus Anxieties: Authorities

Authorities in Lithuania intervened in a domestic dispute on Wednesday following a guy locked his wife in the toilet over worries she could be carrying the coronavirus.

“We obtained the report that a husband and 2 adult sons refused to allow the girl from the restroom after she advised them that she might have contracted the coronavirus,” national police spokesman Ramunas Matonis told AFP.

The girl allegedly told her husband may have caught the illness newest coronavirus when she talked with a man who’d arrived from overseas.

“Police officers came, there was no violence, no criticism, therefore an ambulance was called,” the police spokesman said.

Local press reported that the girl tested negative for the existence of the new coronavirus, which has infected one individual in Lithuania, an EU populous condition of 2.8 million individuals.

The 39-year-old male victim had lately returned from Verona within a place of northern Italy which has captured Europe’s highest number of deaths from the illness.

Altogether the virus has killed over 3,000 people worldwide, the majority of these in China.