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Man paddles his way from California to Hawaii, crosses over 4000 Kilometers

Antonio de la Rosa does not take it easy on his holidays. The 21-foot-long (6.4-meter-long) vessel suffered rough weather, such as when Hurricane Flossie passed over 60 miles (200 km ).

He ate raw food, with heated water, also occasionally fished. He paddled eight-to-ten hours each day and slept nightly. However, he was tired continuously since he awakened hourly to test on his equipment. It is the type of experience he enjoys. “I enjoy it because it’s difficult,” he said in Spanish Monday from Honolulu.

His previous adventure-vacations have comprised circumnavigating the 2,175 kilometers (3,500 km ) of the Iberian Peninsula shore by paddle-surfing for 141 times and crossing Alaska’s Iditarod course for eight days on a bike with oversized tires created for ice and snow hockey, according to his site. The siblings conduct an adventure tourism industry in Madrid along with a little resort for athletes. He said he had been frustrated to see fishing equipment deny every day of the voyage, including line and loopholes.

He utilized a monitoring device to record every second of his journey called it a listing since he considers nobody has done what he realized. It is a listing because”it,” he explained with a laugh.