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Man wins jackpot Value $45.1 million, keeps it a secret for 10 Weeks

“I began to think of what this triumph would mean to my loved ones,” he told a media conference. “I understood it is likely to change a lot of things and that I needed to ensure we were ready and ready for all those changes.” He signed his name and contact number on the ticket and set it in a secure.

Truong told reporters he plans to use his winnings to pay off his mortgage, have a family holiday, and continue working as a gardener. He also asserted that he did not expect to show his newfound luck to his kids because he wanted them to work still tricky.

“Coming here with nothing, following the Vietnam war, he functioned,” his niece Mina Truong said. “That is all they did, function, save cash to purchase a homeā€¦ have a much better life for their kids, play the lottery, and eventually after 30 years it pays. You are thrilled with them.”

Truong bought the ticket at a nearby casino, choosing a number mixture of significant dates and family birthdays.