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Marvel Dean who leaked Avengers Endgame details Shows how X-Men will Combine MCU, ” Says John Krasinski is in Discussions

Now an insider who had previously leaked precise details regarding Avengers: Endgame and Marvel’s Stage Four, has shown how the superheroes may be introduced in the MCU.

Ultimatum Won’t Be accommodated to the MCU.”

The Twitter accounts, under the title of Roger Wardell, had formerly correctly demonstrated details from Endgame for example Thor’s obese figure, Captain America’s’Hail Hydra’ second, Stan Lee’s cameo being put from the 1970s, also looks of Robert Redford and Frank Grillo. More recently, he had disclosed that Florence Pugh is playing with Yelena Belova at Black Widow, which Richard Madden was cast from the Eternals.

The new titbit shows that Marvel is moving ahead together with the multiverse plan, which has been hinted at in preceding movies and will be explored in the forthcoming Doctor Strange at the Multiverse of Madness. This might explain why there’s not been any mention of this X-Men and Fantastic Four at the MCU so much, and might open the door for more tales featuring the first Avengers, a few of whom were murdered or retired off.

In terms of the casting of Krasinski, reports have been swirling for some time that the celebrity is the very best option to play Reed Richards from the wonderful Four reboots. The latest reports indicated that Krasinski, that had been in the running to play with Captain America, has had discussions with Marvel about directing the movie.

“I’d like to perform it,” Krasinski informed ComicBook in March. “I believe to be part of the Marvel world will be amazing anyhow, and also the fact that individuals would even consider me for this degree of the part could be amazing. I have had no discussions or do not understand whatever’s happening with this. I’m anticipating Kevin’s statements of what the hell is happening with this as far as you’re.”